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  • The IAAF, doping, quality standards, culture, and leadership

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    Following the recent FIFA controversy the international sporting world is embroiled in yet another controversy – this time concerning alleged drugs misuse amongst elite athletes. While I am neither an athlete nor an expert in matters relating to doping, and would run a mile (pardon the pun) if asked about either of these I am however, interested in regulation, governance, and quality measurement in global sport.

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  • The university challenge: Higher education governance

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    Over the last decade our higher education sector has barely been out of the news. From controversy over changes to tuition fees, a sustained increase in the number of students entering our universities, the removal of student number controls (previously each university had a cap set on their number of undergraduate students) and the emergence of new and alternative providers entering higher education, such as Pearson and AC Grayling’s New College of the Humanities.

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